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The Daniel Family, Tahoe CA

We are lucky to have this adorable family official Tahoe residents! And man, did they chose an awesome year to make the move:). Like me, they left the vine covered hills of the central coast, to a place where Aspens grow and snow covers the mountains…..both stunning locations that represent the diverse regions of California. I am delighted that they chose me…

The Zikas Family, Lake Tahoe

The Zikas family. This time, with their new little addition Emma. This past spring, when the lake level was down, this colorful meadow full of lupins and wildflowers appeared along the shore line of Tahoe City. It was unbelievable! And came and went in a matter of a week. I’m so stoked we made it in time!! Tom Zikas and my husband James,…

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Sweet Baby James

This little man is almost 6 months old. I couldn’t get enough of his sweet smile and piercing blue eyes. Poor guy had a little longer photo shoot than normal cause I didn’t want put down my camera. The tender moments of James with his mama flooded me with memories of when my Clayton James was of a similar age….

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